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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taking a Hiatus

Friends and Readers,

I have decided to take a hiatus from the Miss-Adventures blog.  I'm taking time to self-reflect, to take inventory of my life, my heart and my soul and I want to give "real life" living a try without subjecting it to public consumption.

Those of you who know me know what writing means to me.  And I promise you that I will continue to write.  I will continue to pour my heart, secrets and deepest thoughts onto the page.  But during this hiatus, I will choose to do so in a traditional format: journaling.

I'm not sure where "real life" living will take me.  It may take me back to blogging.  It may not.  But for now, in an effort to take proper stock of my life and soul, I am going underground.  Facebook has been deactivated and the blog is on an indefinite hiatus.

I thank you ALL for your kind words, support, readership, friendship, affection, devotion and, above all else, your love.  I feel it.  And I value it more than words can express.

With gratitude,
Miss-Adventures, a Hopeless Dater

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