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Thursday, December 27, 2012

...But It All Makes For A Great Blog Post.

Hi, everyone! Nugget here, tiding you over until Miss-Adventures makes time in her busy schedule (truth alert: she's sick) to update everyone on how she single handedly saved the world from the Mayan Apocalypse by going on a date.
Last weekend, I was bored and lazing about in my pajamas when I had a craving for coffee. Mind you, I had plenty of coffee in the house AND my bestie had just come over to ask me if I wanted to go get coffee with him, but I had a better idea! I would ask a random internet stranger out for coffee. So, I let all of the local online dating site folks know that I was jonesing some caffeine something fierce, and curled back up with the cat. An hour later, I had a coffee date with a young gentleman.
Who his photos showed: A well-groomed, clean cut blonde boy of moderate height and moderate build who liked doing things outdoors and seemed generally wholesome.
Who showed up: A short dude with long, stringy, unwashed and unbrushed dark brown hair, an unkept beard, and an outfit that may have been stolen off of a homeless person.
Fighting to urge to flee, I ordered my coffee (he ordered his with booze. It was not yet noon) and we sat down. He then proceeded to tell me all about his last job, his last living situation, and his next trip. Sounds promising, right? Except that his last job was working on a pot farm in Mendocino County with a bunch of rednecks (his words) that liked to get drunk and shoot guns. After almost being witness to a homicide and having to fight to get paid, he decided it sounded like a good idea to go back next year. Obviously, he's good at making sound decisions. Did I mention that he got home from Mendocino County by hopping box cars illegally for three days? No, really, just like in the movies. He planned on taking the money he earned and using it to be an artist with no day job (even though he has yet to establish his art). His last living situation was squatting in a warehouse in the Midwest with no heat, where he would often wake up able to see his breath. He was currently couch surfing. His next trip was running home to the Midwest with no return ticket purchased...but he'd like to hang out again if/when he returns.
Sadly, I think I'm going to pass on that one.

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