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Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Post-Valentine's Day

"Love is not an emotion. It is our actions."
Not to get all 'Oprah' on you all, but I just had a serious "Aha Moment".  In honor of this season of love, I was taking stock of the love in my life and all around me, rather than focusing on the love that I had lost.  And then it occurred to me: Love isn't something that you lose, like your keys or your wallet.  And love isn't something that you acquire, like money or property.  That would be to imply that you can actually hold onto love, that it is a tangible thing.  No, LOVE is the actions: it has no currency and it is only as good as its last honest act.
Love is flying to another country to visit a sick friend.  Love is pounding down the front door of a friend to check in on them when you know they're feeling down and isolative and refusing to let them spiral all alone.  Love is a handmade painting from your six-year old niece.  Love is being willing to show up whether you're needed or not.  Love is remembering a birthday.  Love is remembering a friend's painful anniversary. (Yes, Glamazon, I'm aware of what today is and despite all of the absolute bullshit we've been through, I'm sending out positive thoughts to you on this ungodly day.)  Love is cheering on your loved ones for their small victories, their large victories and the baby steps they take towards a better them.  Love is securing your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.  Love is hoping that your good friend's date goes well tonight and that she can rekindle the romance that she wants.  Love is respect.  Love is honesty.  Love is in the actions.  But love is not an emotion.
So tell me, my friends: How do you love?

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