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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pressing Pause

So I've decided to disable my online dating account.  Did I find someone new?  Someone worth jumping in and taking the plunge with?  Ha!  I wish.  It's just that life has gotten so goddamned complicated.  At certain times in our lives, one must realize that it's not all about you, your journey, your love life or your quest for down and dirty one night stands, flings, affairs, relationships or love.  There are times in your life when you have to hit the pause button, take a potty break, have a drink, smoke a cigarette and then get back to your regularly scheduled program.  This is that moment.
I'm generally not a big believer in fate, gods, the universe or other intangible or spiritual factors that affect the twists and turns that our lives take, but I do believe that if something's just not working, no matter how hard you try, that it's just not supposed to happen, at least, not right now.  The last several months have been like that for me.  These last six months have been an exhausting, steady  and unsuccessful swim upstream.  I'm ready to just let this river take me where I'm supposed to go.
Who knows what this break will lead to?  Who knows if I'll wind up back online in a week?  Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?  What I do know, is that now is not the time for me to be actively dating, hooking up or seeking relationships.  Now is the time for refocus, proper prioritization and becoming a whole person again.  Now is the time for a pause, a potty break, a drink and a cigarette. 
We'll be right back after these messages…

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