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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sexy Talk

Ahh, the beginnings of a new relationship.  Is there anything more exciting?  More seductive?  More sexy?  Your hormones are going bananas and you're feeling twitterpated with every new text message or phone call.  Every thought revolves around spending more time together and exploring each other in every possible way.  And then you have a telephone conversation that goes something like this:
Her: How do I turn you on?
Miss-Adventures: Umm… (as I start to blush and grin wildly)
Her: Get warm!
Miss-Adventures: Huh?
Her: Get warm!
Miss-Adventures: What?
Her: I can't figure out this fucking furnastat!
Miss-Adventures: Wow.  This conversation suddenly got very disappointing.
Just my hunch, but this may be why we actually fit so nicely together.

UPDATE: I have been informed that she did NOT say "furnastat" (like I could have sworn I heard) but did, in fact, say "thermostat", which is obviously more accurate but somewhat less amusing.  My bad.  (Sorry, babe.)

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