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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Not Another Drunk Date.

Hi again! It's the Nugget, and have I got a story for you. It all started with a few pleasant messages, which resulted in a date request. I happily accepted, and we made a date for that Sunday. He would be doing some work in the city next to mine, so offered to meet at a bar at 3pm in that city. 3pm didn't work for me, as I had some things to do that day, so I offered a later time, which he agreed to. As I was looking up directions, the website stated that the place he chose closed soon after our new meeting time. I brought this up, and suggested a place close by with lovely waterfront views and several other options nearby. He agreed.

When I arrived, we had a perfectly lovely conversation as he drank his second beer (he had gotten there before me). He was a little shy and awkward at first, but aren't we all? It was getting a little chilly as he was finishing his second drink, so I suggested a nearby restaurant/bar with a fire pit. We scored a seat around the fire, and he ordered another beer and a shot. I ordered a glass of wine.

Shortly after the shot, our conversation started to take a weird turn. He would bring up topics that were really inappropriate for a first date (example: talking extensively about poop, as he was a medic previously and dealt with it a lot). He would ask me questions, and then as I started to answer, immediately interrupt with other questions. When he started slurring his words, I started to get alarmed. I realized with horror that he had probably been at the previously mentioned bar since our original time of 3pm, and drinking for 4 hours.

Around this time, the waiter came to ask if we needed anything else. I ordered a second glass of wine, and asked for the bill. When the bill arrived, he grabbed it and gave his card. It was declined, so I paid. While the waiter was inside running my card, he spent the entire time checking his bank account and trying to prove to me that his card should not have been declined. I had no idea what to say, so I just smiled and nodded sympathetically. When the waiter returned, I signed my receipt, and he practically accosted the waiter, demanding his card be re-run. We both gently advised him that the bill had already been paid and it was unnecessary. He eventually quieted down.

I was trying to make small talk while finishing my glass of wine, and he kept interrupting, shouting in my face, "What is your name short for?!" and would throw out name options. Keep in mind that I had already shared this with him during our conversation earlier that day, and yet he shouted this at me no less than three times. I quickly finished my wine, wondering how to get out of this situation. He then looks at me (or, rather, lolls his head in my general direction), and says, "Let's get out of here and go to your place. I want to lay with you." I politely declined. He then says, "Well, that's BORING." I had had quite enough, so I said, "So is this situation," set down my glass, and walked out.

A couple of days later, I received a text from him along the lines of, "Hey, I had a great time, would you like to go out again?" I replied, "Do you even remember what happened?" He said, "Not really, but I think you may have left abruptly, did I say something stupid? I have a weird sense of humor." I reminded him that he called me boring when I refused to have sex with him. He said, "Oh, that was a joke." I said, "No, it most certainly was not, and even if it were, perhaps getting blackout drunk on a first date is a bad idea. Take care."

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