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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Salty Nuggets

You guys. The Nugget here, and I am back to dating, and I am salty about it. Like, real bad, and it's only been a few weeks. Let me give you just a taste of why.

I had been trading messages with this dude for a few days, and on Friday, he asks me my following week's schedule to see when we could meet up. I give it to him, and on Saturday he says, "Tuesday could probably work for me. I'll call you in a bit to coordinate."

Saturday, no call. Sunday, no call. Monday, no call, so I make other plans and forget he ever existed. Tuesday morning, I get a message: "Hey, I'm going to call you in a bit to coordinate."

I reply, "Actually, I hadn't heard from you in a few days, so I made other plans, sorry." His response, "What? We didn't have any plans. I was going to call to see if we could do tomorrow or Thursday."

I said, "Your last message said Tuesday, and you would be calling to coordinate. I'm not free tomorrow or Thursday." (which is true, I have dates both days).

He replied, "I know that I had mentioned Tuesday, but it didn't end up working for me, which is why I couldn't follow up to make a plan for today. When you have a free minute (lunchtime, after work, etc.), let's move our conversation to the phone, because it's not clear whether or not your messages on here have a pissy tone, and I'm hoping that they don't."

I said, "You should have followed up to let me know that Tuesday didn't work for you."

His response: "You're actually wrong (and surprisingly cocky in your wrongness). I had said that Tuesday MIGHT work, and we never made even a tentative plan. Anyway, it's now clear that my hunch was correct and that you're pissy. The last thing that someone needs from you (especially since you're a jaded, cocky, mid-30s, mediocre-looking, East Bay person who insists on discussing things via e-mail) is advice regarding dating, so please don't contact me again. (Since your passive-aggressive approach indicates that you'll probably try to continue this dialogue against my request, I've blocked your account, so any future messages from you will fortunately be redirected into cyberspace.) Good luck."

So, because I asked that I be reasonably kept in the loop when someone asked me to reserve a day to potentially meet up, I am now cocky, ugly, and a host of other things. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is just a sampling of why I'm feeling jaded.

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